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What is a LMS? This is an exclusive ELEARN LEADERS Learning Management System (CE LMS, an online or web based portal for delivering, tracking and managing training. We bring the industry's best compliance training together into one comprehensive and integrated solution for complete FinCEN, IRS, OSHA, PCI, Federal and State regulatory compliance training.

What is e-TRACK? e-TRACK is a comprehensive classroom tracking system designed to assist organizations with scheduling, enrolling employees, managing classroom sessions, and employee records. Includes integration with outbox.

What is e-Learn? A learning system platform provides clients with the ability to use their own content. Track all of your scorm content in a hosted system for one low monthly price.

How would your LMS be helpful during an Audit? Produce accurate report detailing employee training, complete with dates, elapsed times and scores. Training records termed employees are always available since their training transcripts are a permanent record within your CE LMS. Do we need to buy special software or equipment? There is no need to buy additional software or equipment. Our training requires only a common PC and internet access. What are the system requirements to run your LMS? Internet Explorer 7+, Netscape Navigator 6.2+, Firefox 2.0+, Google Chrome 1.x, Safari 3.0+, Adobe Flash Player 7.0+. What type of training does CE provide? Do I have to send my employees through training to learn how to use the CE LMS? Our system is so user friendly that you won’t need more than one-hour training! Executives, managers, and front line employees most trial systems include 5-15 employees. Most administrators and employees only need basic computer knowledge. If you can use a mouse, you will be able to navigate the CE LMS.

Is your LMS easy to access? Yes. Since the CE LMS is web-based, accessing the training is as simple as logging on to your unique website and using your unique username and password. The courses can be accessed 24 hours a day!

Do you provide a free Trial before we make a decision on your LMS? Yes. CE will create an encourage all virtual learning environment with trial accounts for review by your makers and department heads affected by our training to spend time exploring the CE LMS. Can we train team members at multiple locations? Yes. Many of your clients take advantage of our hosted platform to train employees at multiple properties. This allows corporate to provide a consistent message to all employees regardless of the property and location, and assign different levels of administrative permissions by property.


What if we require custom training unique to our organization? The flexibility of the CE LMS allows you to incorporate any unique training into the curriculum. Your Account Executive will work closely with you to ensure your LMS is built to your specifications and requirements.

Can your courses be translated into Spanish? Yes. We have a number of courses in Spanish and can convert any course in our catalog into Spanish, or any other required language. Our service includes written and narration translation.

Can we have prerequisite courses? Yes. Any course may be set as a prerequisite course to ensure that the employee accesses the courses in a specific order. Your employee may access additional training courses after successful completion of the prerequisite course.

Are your courses up to date and regulatory compliant? Yes. Our compliance courses are federally reviewed; we provide regular updates to ensure you are always in compliance. How many courses can we schedule for our employees? We refer to this process as “Career Pathing”. Our Career Pathing provides your managers with the ability to individually map out each employees career path by selecting specific courses in the career path catalog.

How many times can an employee take a required course? Employees may review a completed course for one year from the initial enrollment date. However, the employee only receive one score and certificate of completion which occurs during the initial training session.

Where will our employees find the courses they are required to take? When your employees logs into the CE LMS, they will automatically go to the student center or “My Account” where they will have instant access to their enrolled courses.


What administrative permission may be granted to an employee? Administrative permissions are set at the user level and may vary depending on your business requirements. For example, a cage manager may have report access to cage employees only while the system administrator has full reporting access to all employees and departments. How many users can we sign up for training? With the CE LMS, you have control to enroll as few or as many employees as you prefer – Ask us about our unlimited user plans. Does ELEARN LEADERS issue certificates for course completion? Yes. We use a professionally developed certificate of completion. CE offers a service to customize or create a unique certificate of completion to your organization at an additional price.

Is there a provision in the event an employee is not able to complete a course in one training session or needs to log off for a specific period of time? Yes. If a team member is not able to complete a training course, they can close the training and continue at any time using the automated bookmark feature. What kind of reporting capabilities does your LMS have? Our system allows you to pull every event from the system, including elapse time for course completion, most missed test question, and elapse time to answer each test question! (CE questions only). Reporting capabilities are almost endless because the CE LMS allows you to build and save Custom reports using a multitude of criteria and filters.

We have dual rate and tri-rate employees, they work at different locations. This is common. You will also have the ability to move team members from one group to another if their job description changes.

Can you convert a Word document, Power Point, or Flash file or video into our online training? Yes. Our business is to ensure that out training meets your business requirements. If you need the flexibility of offering a classroom training online, give us your power point and we will convert it into an online course with narration and a test bank!


We have a trainer on staff; do we really need online training too? Yes. Give your trainer a tool that improves your current training resources effectively by focusing on training that will directly affect the bottom line allowing flexibility in training methods while reducing overtime costs. In today’s economy, training is reduced and trainers are expected to do more with much less. Help your trainers leverage their resources with online training and classroom tracking capability.

How can the CE LMS make our training more cost effective? By avoiding the “hidden” costs associated with classroom training; for example: Preparation Expenses, Preparation Time, Cost of Supplies, Time to Test, Grade, Document and Communicate Scores, as well as Overtime for employees attending training plus Overtime for employees used to cover shifts. You are likely spending more than twice what it would cost to train employees on Title 31. Nearly half of your expense is related to lesson preparation, overtime from classroom training and covering schedules for employees that attend training sessions.

Is online training expensive? The simple truth is training is an investment, but our clients find that the CE training program saves thousands of dollars over classroom training and much less than competitive systems, not only convenient, but is very cost effective.

Does the CE LMS make financial sense for a small organization? Yes, in fact, when training resources are limited, the CE LMS training allows smaller organizations to take advantage of quality training of larger organizations with similar cost effectiveness. Remember, the Federal fines for non-compliance are the same for small organizations as they are for large organizations.

Customer Service

What are your hours of operation for Client Support? The ELEARN LEADERS staff is available for Client Support Monday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm (PST).

Using the CE LMS

How can we track team member training? You have the control to designate permissions by employee. Per missions may or may not include reporting, employee account changes, group details, course descriptions changes, adding employee, or employee enrollments. How are user names and log-ins created? Your CE Account Executive will provide you with all of the industry standards for consistent and effective username and password information. We have a very well document “Next Step” implementation process that allows for a timely and hassle free implementation. Will we have an opportunity to preview our selected courses prior to the start of training? Yes. During the CE Next Step implementation process, clients are required to review and approve their courses to ensure all requirements are satisfied.

Can we add additional courses to our curriculum once we start training? Yes. Contact your CE account executive to request courses. It usually takes 2-3 business days to add a new course. How do we get all of our employees into the learning system? Your account executive will assist you with the initial setup during the “Next Step” implementation process to ensure all employees are classified according to their department and position classification, and required courses. How are training groups created? Typically our clients group employees according to their job description. Your CE Account Executive can assist you with your training groups to maximize your training objectives.

What if someone changes positions within the organization? With the CE LMS you have the ability to move employees from one Group or department to another when their job description changes. All completed training remains on their transcript and they will automatically receive any required training for their new position. You no longer need to manually determine required training for each position – the system does it for you.

What happens when an employee is terminated? When an employee terminates, the CE LMS allows you to classify the record as “inactive”. The employees’ records are retained indefinitely. In addition, CE does not charge for turnover. Re-use the active license for new hires and train for FREE!


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