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e-TRACK: Online Classroom Tracking Software


Finally! A classroom management software program that is easy to use and effective. e-TRACK is a comprehensive employee training and tracking program designed to assist Clients that provide employee training.

Our training management software will help you

  • Manage curriculums and courses
  • Plan and Post Classes and Sessions over a Year in Advance
  • Email Notification
  • Schedule and Reschedule classes including Self Enrollments
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Test Score Record Retention
  • Automated Certificates of Completion
  • Paperless Employee Transcripts

This is a proven and effective education tracking software for Clients that do a significant amount of in-house employee training or compliance training.

Schedule Training with Easy to Use Screens

Users implement curriculums and courses by establishing course credits and requirements, scheduling classes, multiple class sessions and assigning teachers. Classroom administration and curriculum fulfillment can be managed with the use of maximum classroom size, core and elective credits, and lists of certificates provided for each course upon satisfactory completion.



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